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          Born and raised in the heart of Harlem, on 126th street between Lenox and 7th Ave where my family has lived and worked for nearly 100 years.

My father was the minister of a prominent and popular church on Lenox Ave and 131st Street. As the First Lady of the church, my mother was a great cook and responsible for preparing and serving the food dishes at all church events. Everybody loved the variety and taste of her recipes. My fondest memories of childhood are of music and food from the church.

In our brownstone, there were tenants from all walks of life. Some from deep south, others from the Caribbean. We would sometimes prepare the meals together, flavoring the dishes with spices and sauces that added zest and zip to meat, to salad, to vegetables, and dips. The foods would "Sing" with flavor, unique smells, and tastes, the flavor of Harlem. A flavor my partners and I agree must be tasted and experienced around the world and thus become “Mama’s One Sauce” for all foods.

Mama’s One Sauce is colored by the music of Harlem and the Apollo- Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Gospel bring back the memories of my childhood- filled with good music,  good food and good times. This sauce added to many dishes reminds me of happy times and fellowship that I knew and loved so dearly. All in the heart of Harlem.

The Mama Foundation is an entertainment company a music concert theater arts education company in Harlem. Dedicated to presenting, preserving and promoting the history and culture of gospel, jazz and R&B, as Executive Director of the Mama Foundation for the Arts.

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